Our Mission

Doing Our Part

If you were to ask any teacher what supplies they are missing in order for them to give our kids the best education possible, the answer would be clear: it is endless! From paper clips to glue sticks to scissors, teachers are emptying their own pockets for the better good of their students. In our humble opinion, that is not cool! That is why we give 10% back to your child's school.

Time Well Spent

During the school year, kids spend so much time at school. We entrust teachers with a great responsibility, yet they do not have the basic tools required to educate. If our kids are the future, how can they expand their minds or create stories without colored paper or markers? The answer is they cannot! At Kurkside, we are on a mission to help teachers everywhere. As our community grows, schools get more resources and our kids get the education they deserve. We are in this together!