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The Beginning

My Grandfather

My grandfather started my family in the footwear business many decades ago. Growing up, he laid the foundation for hard work and putting customer service first no matter the scenario. He taught me how to fit shoes using a brannock and made me shift the stockroom all too often. He grilled work ethic into me and unbeknownst to me at the time, was my first entrepreneurial role model. Bampa, as was his nickname, and I had an amazing dynamic.

After the store would close each day, we would head to the park and knock the soccer ball around. Soccer was my sport of choice and it turned out to be a life long passion. "Justin, use both feet" will always echo in my memory. His involvement in my life was the catalyst for what Kurkside is today.

The Name Kurkside

Growing up in LA, I used to run the streets as I would prepare for upcoming soccer season. I would memorize every street and their exact order. The first street I grew up on was "Kurkside." I had always dreamed of starting my own brand and in 2017, that became a reality. There was only one name which made sense: Kurkside.