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The Then and Now

Kurkside is a company born and raised in Los Angeles. The name, Kurkside, is the street where my first home was located in an LA suburb. It was in that house where I first began to understand the intricate details of footwear. My grandfather, who had a mom and pop store in Chicago during the 1950’s, laid my foundation into the nuances of fit, style and customer service. We would talk shop, enjoy long walks and always end the day kicking the soccer ball around. He was my hero and Kurkside is an homage to his legacy.

In some shape or form, my family has been in the footwear business my entire life. Kurkside, first and foremost is a customer service company who happens to also make performance sneaker for kids. I had always wanted to build a brand that surrounded family, quality and conscious sourcing. Kurkside will continue to innovate and design products that make our entire team proud. But, we will always put our customer service at the front of our list, day in and day out.

Kick it Kurkside!